Cybulski family – part 2

This post is a continuation of Momma’s handwritten story about her mother’s life in Poland.  You will probably find this part of the story somewhat dry since it concerns the process of growing and harvesting flax but since it was the next section of Momma’s story, I did not want to omit it.

I have been working really hard on scanning and “fixing” all the old photographs coming my way.  Thanks to both Cindy and Kris for loaning me their stuff!!  I think everyone is going to be surprised with what is yet to come.   Just to pique your interest, here is a picture of Momma taken in the late 1930s.

The Happy Couple

Today’s story doesn’t really have a written story attached to it – it is all visual.  As a child in such a large and active family, I was always amazed at how little conflict there was between my parents.  Since I began this project that included sorting and scanning so many photos, the reason for this has become obvious to me.  I have spent quite a few hours scanning and “Photoshopping” blemishes, folds, color errors, and other issues with these pictures.  They are not perfect but I hope you enjoy my work!

Please view the power point called “The Happy Couple.”

Coney Island story

Once again, I am sorry that this post has taken a while to get done.  Raymond and I had a “memory jogging” session that will result in some interesting stories in the future and I have been sorting old photos and learning how to use PhotoShop!  It has been too much to keep asking John to “tinker” with the pictures I am using, so I finally bit the bullet and am trying to do my photo editing solo!  What a learning curve!

Reggie and I were told a strange story by Mom about an event that occurred at Coney Island.  Please click on the Coney Island, New York blogroll and enjoy the story!  The picture needed major help before publishing it so I hope you like the final image!  It is the result of a couple of hours of work.