Music Plays Through The Heart Of The Family

As mentioned on the last post, I have moved away from Daddy’s military service in order to do a lot of research before preceding with his story.  This post as you can see from the title is about music.  Thanks Barbara for the title!   Music was an integral part of our lives growing up and in most cases, still is today.  Under the blogroll list at the right, please download “Music” and play the power point. 

Long Beach, California – 1941

In July of 1941, Adrian and Wanda were able to meet up for a special month together.  They took quite a few pictures that you will see as you view this power point.  Please open the blogroll called Long Beach Shore Leave.

Because it is going to take quite a while to write the next military entry which will include the bombing of Pearl Harbor, I will be switching from Daddy’s military records to other family topics.