USS Helena part 1

I really have a treat for you today!  After weeks of working with Daddy’s Naval records and reading everything I can get my hands on in order to place his story within history, I hope you are going to enjoy what you see and read.  Daddy rarely talked about his Navy years so my information has come from information passed down by other Helena sailors, historical records, and information I received by writing the National Personnel Records Center and requesting Daddy’s Naval records.

Due to the volume of information I have put together, Daddy’s years on the Helena will be divided into three parts.  Part one covers from September 18, 1939 until March 2, 1940.  Once again, please read the story first so that the pictures on the PowerPoint will make sense to you.

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Mushroom hunting with Bachie

Yeah!  I finally have someone willing to help me write stories!  Terry has the best memory of mushroom hunting with Bachie so she has written an article for everyone to enjoy.  THANK YOU TERRY!  Anyone else willing to help out or have an interesting story to tell, please let me know.  I would really appreciate the help.  Because of my background in science teaching, my work has a tendency to be a little dry.  I know you are really going to like Terry’s style of writing!  This time, there is not a separate power point; the pictures are imbedded with the story.  Please find her article on the right called “Mushroom Hunting with Bachie.”