Summer Fun

Being a retired school teacher, I still continue to be very consciousness of the beginning of summer!  Today (Friday)  is the last teacher workday for the local teachers and the students’ second day of “no school.”  As a result, I could not pass up the chance to revisit childhood summers.  For our family, it meant two important changes.  We would spend a lot of time in water (lake, pool, river) and Momma’s Polish family would be visiting.  There are a few pictures from “Gone Fishin” that I just had to include again but not many.  After viewing the new slide show, please look again at “Gone Fishin” for a look at the results of all that patience!

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Adrian and Wanda’s First Home

Though this entry has a title of Flowers part 2 it is mostly about the first house Momma and Daddy owned.  It is hard to imagine how Momma must have felt to actually own a house with property where she could grow anything she wanted.

Once again, this entry was a collaborative effort between Terry, Reggie, and me.   Please choose “Flowers part 2” from the blog roll and enjoy.