New weekly posting!

smileHappy Friday everyone!

Because I would like for everyone to visit my blog a little more often, I am going to do what most bloggers do – I am going to publish some kind of post every week.  In the past, it has taken me quite a few weeks to get a story ready, particularly one that required a lot of research.  This meant that there could be a lot of “dead” time between posts.  Not anymore!  Every Friday I will be adding something small.  I have many, many photographs and stories that will not be used for a particular story line – but I think you would like to see them.   If you have a story or photo you would like included, just let me know!

Teaser:  The next full post will be about our connection with the Van Valkenburg family of the Netherlands!

You will find the weekly posts on the blue bar above called “Friday Fun.”



Picture1Finally!!  After four months of research and writing, I have finished putting together what I hope is a coherent explanation of some of the information found in Raymond’s DNA.  You will probably be able to feel my “science teacher persona” coming through loud and clear.  Please choose “Our DNA” from the blog roll, get comfortable, sit back, and pretend you are in a very personal biology class!