Another Story from the Civil War

Today’s blog was researched and written by Terry.  Thanks Terry for being willing to work so hard in helping me bring our family stories to light!  As we go through life, our personal experiences range from joyous to tragic and the same was true for our ancestors.  To me, the point of genealogy is not a list of names and dates or a hunt for “famous ancestors.”  It is finding and telling the stories about those who came before us.  

The story you will read today is about Mary Jane Washburn who was our family link to the Pilgrims!  Please choose Mary Jane Washburn from the blogroll on the right.  As with the previous post, it is a PDF.  After loading, you will need to find the toolbar, choose the box with the four arrows going toward the “margins” and click on it.  This will allow you to view the document in full page format and to use the “page up” and “page down” arrows.

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