The Six Children

What a great family reunion!!  While there, Wanda loaned me several pictures of Daddy that had been given to her.  Two of them were from the USS Arkansas (taken in 1938) and I have added them to the original power point so they will be saved for everyone.  They are also below.  What a cute “sailor’s hat!”

In addition, I have a new power point for you to view called “The Six Children.”  I have tried to give you a short photo chronicle of us as children.  Since many of these pictures come from Reggie, Raymond, and me, there are not as many “childhood” pictures of Terry, Linda, and Barbara.  Are there any out there that need to be added?  Please let me know if there are!

Once again, when you open the power point, please play the power point to get the best view of the pictures.

I hope you enjoy this labor of love.

USS Arkansas

I have been working on research and editing pictures in an attempt to put together a clear picture of Daddy’s Navy years.  It seems that every time I answer one question, it generates 10 more.   His Navy years will be divided into manageable segments:  USS Arkansas, USS Helena Shakedown cruise, USS Helena to Hawaii, bombing of Pearl Harbor, and USS Melville.  I may end up dividing some of these if they get too long.

Please read the blogroll Navy Part 1 USS Arkansas before watching the Navy part 1 USS Arkansas ppt.

I hope you enjoy the information as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!


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