Adrian and Wanda’s TWO marriages

It is strange to discover that something you always believed to have been true may not be exactly correct.  We have always known that our parents got married on November 19, 1939.  Evidently, that was not the whole story.  Today’s new blog article is about the events that necessitated a second marriage between Adrian Fortenberry and Wanda Werbicki.  Please see the blogroll article “Adrian and Wanda’s TWO marriages.”  I have left it as a PowerPoint in case anyone wants to copy a photo.   I hope you enjoy this unusual story!



Adrian and Wanda’s First Home

Though this entry has a title of Flowers part 2 it is mostly about the first house Momma and Daddy owned.  It is hard to imagine how Momma must have felt to actually own a house with property where she could grow anything she wanted.

Once again, this entry was a collaborative effort between Terry, Reggie, and me.   Please choose “Flowers part 2” from the blog roll and enjoy.

Long Beach, California – 1941

In July of 1941, Adrian and Wanda were able to meet up for a special month together.  They took quite a few pictures that you will see as you view this power point.  Please open the blogroll called Long Beach Shore Leave.

Because it is going to take quite a while to write the next military entry which will include the bombing of Pearl Harbor, I will be switching from Daddy’s military records to other family topics.

The Six Children

What a great family reunion!!  While there, Wanda loaned me several pictures of Daddy that had been given to her.  Two of them were from the USS Arkansas (taken in 1938) and I have added them to the original power point so they will be saved for everyone.  They are also below.  What a cute “sailor’s hat!”

In addition, I have a new power point for you to view called “The Six Children.”  I have tried to give you a short photo chronicle of us as children.  Since many of these pictures come from Reggie, Raymond, and me, there are not as many “childhood” pictures of Terry, Linda, and Barbara.  Are there any out there that need to be added?  Please let me know if there are!

Once again, when you open the power point, please play the power point to get the best view of the pictures.

I hope you enjoy this labor of love.

The Happy Couple

Today’s story doesn’t really have a written story attached to it – it is all visual.  As a child in such a large and active family, I was always amazed at how little conflict there was between my parents.  Since I began this project that included sorting and scanning so many photos, the reason for this has become obvious to me.  I have spent quite a few hours scanning and “Photoshopping” blemishes, folds, color errors, and other issues with these pictures.  They are not perfect but I hope you enjoy my work!

Please view the power point called “The Happy Couple.”

Coney Island story

Once again, I am sorry that this post has taken a while to get done.  Raymond and I had a “memory jogging” session that will result in some interesting stories in the future and I have been sorting old photos and learning how to use PhotoShop!  It has been too much to keep asking John to “tinker” with the pictures I am using, so I finally bit the bullet and am trying to do my photo editing solo!  What a learning curve!

Reggie and I were told a strange story by Mom about an event that occurred at Coney Island.  Please click on the Coney Island, New York blogroll and enjoy the story!  The picture needed major help before publishing it so I hope you like the final image!  It is the result of a couple of hours of work.

The Beginning

Please read the blogroll called  “The Marriage.”  In it you will find the story of how Adrian and Wanda met and another of mom’s poems written not long after they were married.

Wanda and Adrian

Adrian in Sacramento, 1942

Wanda and Adrian were married in 1939 and were separated during World War II.  The following is a poem Wanda wrote about her feelings during this time.


Never doubt my dearest love,

But keep your brightest hopes in view.

Never doubt that I am faithful,

Thinking all the time of you.

Never doubt that I’ll be waiting,

Waiting for you patiently.

Trust, believe and never doubt

The best is yet to be.