USS Helena part 3 – shore leave

This post is one I took great pleasure in completing!  On Daddy’s first trip to Hawaii, he and a friend went on an interesting hike.  Luckily for us, the two of them took quite a few pictures.  Though Daddy had little to say about his experiences in Hawaii, he did enjoy looking at these pictures from his time hiking with his friend, Marvin Mayo.    Many hours were spent on the research and restoring some very poor quaility pictures.   It was well worth it to me!  I hope you will enjoy what I have accomplished.


USS Helena part 2

Sorry it has taken me so long to add another post.  As you probably know from the awful picture John put on Facebook, I have had eardrum surgery.  It has been an uphill battle to get over it and I still have a ways to go.

It turns out that I have so much information about Daddy’s navy years that I am having to divide it into a lot more pieces that originally planned.  This entry today includes his first trip to Pearl Harbor and I hope you enjoy it!

As before, please play the Powerpoint (USS Helena part 2) as a show instead of scrolling through the pages.  The pictures will look much better.