Werbicki family supports the war effort

I found a Thanksgiving picture I wanted to share with everyone!  It was taken in 1978.  The grand kids must have made place cards since you can see one with Emily’s name on it.

Because of the number of men serving in the military during World War 2, women across America took up the slack in producing the goods and materials needed to support the troops and win the war.  Wanda and her sister Reggie also did their part.  The slide show called ” Werbicki family supports the war effort” shares the little we know about what was happening in New York while Adrian was at sea.  It is at the bottom of the “Blogroll” list.


Navy – Late 1942

I am pulling my hair out working on the Polish records so it is time for a little more Navy stuff!   This entry picks up the story of events 8 months after the USA joined the Allied forces.  Adrian had just finished his first official training as a fire controlman and is assigned a new ship.  Please choose Navy – Late 1942 and enjoy.