Coney Island story

Once again, I am sorry that this post has taken a while to get done.  Raymond and I had a “memory jogging” session that will result in some interesting stories in the future and I have been sorting old photos and learning how to use PhotoShop!  It has been too much to keep asking John to “tinker” with the pictures I am using, so I finally bit the bullet and am trying to do my photo editing solo!  What a learning curve!

Reggie and I were told a strange story by Mom about an event that occurred at Coney Island.  Please click on the Coney Island, New York blogroll and enjoy the story!  The picture needed major help before publishing it so I hope you like the final image!  It is the result of a couple of hours of work.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara
    May 02, 2011 @ 20:31:36

    I remember this story, too. I know Mom was told they would have a big faimly but didn’t know about the genius part of it. Maybe she didn’t add it to the story she told me cause she knew it was me! Just kidding. We have some really smart kids coming to light, now.


  2. Terry
    May 11, 2011 @ 21:21:24

    I remember what Barbara remembers. Either I didn’t pay attention or Mamma didn’t include as many details with us “little kids” as she did with you, Raymond and Reggie. I wish we had learned more about Aunt Reggie’s young life! NOW… for the “genius” kids…. I think we ALL have at least ONE in each of our families. I could tell you who I think they are, but, nah. AND I think we have some grand kids of our own that are genius level. DANG smart kids!!!
    NOW… a question for Andie. That envelope that had Daddy’s birth certificate in it sent to the Helena. What is the date on it (the envelope)? WHY did Daddy need it? WHERE was the ship stationed at the time?….. I just wondered.


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