A Fortenberry Christmas

Momma and Daddy ChristmasI have reworked the Christmas slide show to include additional pictures located this year as well as improving the picture quality of the original images.  With the addition of 13 new pictures, the show is now 62 slides long.   Choose “A Fortenberry Christmas” and enjoy!

On another note, if anyone would like to contribute to this work, it would be greatly appreciated.  In order to really get the information necessary to tell the whole story, I have been spending a good bit of money on such things as military records from the National Archives and Records Administration and record searches at the Plock Archives in Poland. 

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

Norman Road

Sorry it has taken so long to get another entry posted!   Once again, this one was a collaborative effort.  Because I am totally ignorant about flowers, Reggie and Terry have written most of the text and identified plants.  I have tried to find and work with pictures to illustrate their descriptions.  Reggie has attempted to write what she remembers by beginning in the front yard and working her way around the house.  Because of this, I did not attempt to place pictures in chronological order unless there were multiple pictures of the same area that were taken different years.

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Summer Fun

Being a retired school teacher, I still continue to be very consciousness of the beginning of summer!  Today (Friday)  is the last teacher workday for the local teachers and the students’ second day of “no school.”  As a result, I could not pass up the chance to revisit childhood summers.  For our family, it meant two important changes.  We would spend a lot of time in water (lake, pool, river) and Momma’s Polish family would be visiting.  There are a few pictures from “Gone Fishin” that I just had to include again but not many.  After viewing the new slide show, please look again at “Gone Fishin” for a look at the results of all that patience!

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Flowers part 1

This post presents the first of a four part series on flowers.  This first one, which should really be called “Nature,” was written by Terry and Reggie.  After putting it in Power Point format,  I added pictures and captions to go with their text.

The picture above is of Barbara! 

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Happy Easter

Though we don’t have a lot of pictures taken at Easter, I wanted to share the ones I have located.  There are some really special ones that include all the “grandchildren.”

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The Six Children

Recently while going back through some of the blog entries I realized that I had downloaded the wrong (incomplete) document back in June when I first published “The Six Children.”  Sure wish someone had asked me what was up with the blank screen at the end!  Since June I have gotten several more pictures from Terry, Linda, and Barbara to add so I felt compelled to give you another look at us as children.  I hope you enjoy the redo!

Music Plays Through The Heart Of The Family

As mentioned on the last post, I have moved away from Daddy’s military service in order to do a lot of research before preceding with his story.  This post as you can see from the title is about music.  Thanks Barbara for the title!   Music was an integral part of our lives growing up and in most cases, still is today.  Under the blogroll list at the right, please download “Music” and play the power point. 

A Fortenberry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!  You are going to love this photographic walk down memory lane called “A Fortenberry Christmas.”   Have patience as you watch it because it is 49 slides long!  I couldn’t seem to stop adding pictures.

I hope this power point brightens you day as you remember all the special people in our family.

May your days be merry and bright!

Gone Fishin’

Anyone hungry?We love to eat fish!  What can I say?   In our family, to eat fish, you had to catch them first.  I have put together a group of pictures that are all about catching fish and eating them. 

It is a standard PowerPoint so please play the program to get the best view of the pictures.  If you are a family member possessing a picture that should have been in this collection, please get it to me and I will add it.