Ferman Esco Fortenberry – Navy Years

I am sorry it took me so long to post another story, but this one kept growing the more I researched!  This post is about Adrian’s dad,  Ferman Fortenberry.  In 1909, he joined the Navy; and while in the service, he kept a journal.  You will learn about his experiences and how they related to world events.  I cannot believe how much I was able find on the internet that gave his story context and depth!

The file is one of the largest I have uploaded, so be patient if it takes a minute to load on your computer.   It is 60 slides long.  In addition to the story, I have also scanned and posted his entire journal.  You will see two entries under the blogroll:  Ferman Fortenberry – Full Navy Log and Ferman Fortenberry – Navy Years.

A huge thank you to Jo Fortenberry Driscoll for loaning me her pictures.   Most of the pictures noted as belonging to Ferman now belong to Jo.   

Another thank you goes to Reggie Fortenberry Cross, Kris Fortenberry Morrell and her dad, Raymond for contributing to our family research funds!  We are in the process of adding Raymond’s DNA to the Fortenberry family DNA project.    You may find it interesting to visit this site


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Werbicki family supports the war effort

I found a Thanksgiving picture I wanted to share with everyone!  It was taken in 1978.  The grand kids must have made place cards since you can see one with Emily’s name on it.

Because of the number of men serving in the military during World War 2, women across America took up the slack in producing the goods and materials needed to support the troops and win the war.  Wanda and her sister Reggie also did their part.  The slide show called ” Werbicki family supports the war effort” shares the little we know about what was happening in New York while Adrian was at sea.  It is at the bottom of the “Blogroll” list.


Orchids – For the love of exotic flowers

This entry in the blog was written by a “committee” that included Barbara, Terry, Reggie, and me.    Since I am a total dunce when it comes to plants (especially orchids), my contribution could only consist of scanning and adjusting photos, which would have made for a boring piece of work!  In hindsight, it amazes me how deep into their orchid hobby Momma and Daddy got.  As you will see, it became a serious passion and a small business.  No attempt was made place the pictures in a chronological order.  Please click on “Orchids” in the Blogroll list and enjoy!

Our Pilgrim Connection

I have a Thanksgiving treat for you.  Instead of continuing with Daddy’s military story, I have put together a little information about our Pilgrim ancestor, Francis Cooke.  Though it is only five pages long,  it seemed to take forever to write.  The problem was the massive amount of information written about the colony at Plymouth.  I have boiled the story down to a few essential pages, and as you read it you will be reminded of many things you learned in history classes in school.   It is a PDF file instead of the usual PowerPoint or Word document.  Enjoy!

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


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