Simmons family to the Mississippi Territory

Hot off the presses – I have spent the past few months researching Willis Simmons’s time in Georgia and his eventual move to the Mississippi Territory.  Along the way, I discovered my depth of knowledge about this topic was pretty shallow –  hence the need for several months!  Special thanks to cousin Allan Thomas for sharing some of his research with me!  Allan, it would have taken me a year without your help!  The setting of the story is the central Georgia frontier in the first decade of the 1800s.

My connection to Willis and Jane Simmons is interesting as both my paternal grandparents descended from Willis Simmons. That makes me “Double Silver Creek Simmons!”  Not an uncommon occurrence in rural areas over 100 years ago!

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Fortenberry Buggy Ride circa 1902

Ferman, siblings with horse and wagon981smallToday’s blog post is a story derived from one photograph! Terry has always loved this photograph of  part of our grandfather Ferman’s family and wanted to share it with everyone.  It would have been taken in the Simmonsville area of Pike County, Mississippi.  Find the blog title shown above from the blogroll on the right.   Grab your hat and enjoy the ride!  


Off To Mississippi

progress high school062 doneReggie, Terry, Barbara, and I are heading to Mississippi tomorrow.  We are going to have a wonderful time!  There are several cemeteries we would like to visit, new cousins we will be meeting, and a Pike County Bicentennial Celebration to attend.   I haven’t been to Mississippi since 1984!

Photo taken by Daddy on a visit in the late 1970s of Progress High School.

Port Hudson and the Civil War

Yes, I know it has been quite a while since I put something new on the blog.  Once you read this one you will probably understand why!  This entry has to be dedicated to my wonderful brother, Raymond.  He is the person that suggested this topic three months ago.  It has literally taken me all this time to do the level of research necessary to do justice to the topic and it even comes with a bibliography!  I set myself a deadline of July 9, and not because that is my birthday.  You will understand once you read the story.  I have felt my Daddy looking over my shoulder the entire time and I know he would have loved it!

Also a huge thank you to Terry for the ending of the story.  Everyone will surely love what you did!

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