Music Plays Through The Heart Of The Family

As mentioned on the last post, I have moved away from Daddy’s military service in order to do a lot of research before preceding with his story.  This post as you can see from the title is about music.  Thanks Barbara for the title!   Music was an integral part of our lives growing up and in most cases, still is today.  Under the blogroll list at the right, please download “Music” and play the power point. 

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  1. Barbara
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 14:26:46

    We always thought Mom was so mean because she would not allow us to listen to anything contemporary. I remember Andie having her own music. She gave me a love of the Beach Boys that is still strong 50 years later. Terry, Linda and I pooled our money to buy our first album…’Secret Agent Files’. I think we paid $2.50 for it. We got to listen to the radio (WQXI & WPLO) when we did the dishes.


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