USS Helena part 3 – shore leave

This post is one I took great pleasure in completing!  On Daddy’s first trip to Hawaii, he and a friend went on an interesting hike.  Luckily for us, the two of them took quite a few pictures.  Though Daddy had little to say about his experiences in Hawaii, he did enjoy looking at these pictures from his time hiking with his friend, Marvin Mayo.    Many hours were spent on the research and restoring some very poor quaility pictures.   It was well worth it to me!  I hope you will enjoy what I have accomplished.

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  1. Terry
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 13:03:38

    Pulling at my heart-strings again, Andie. BUT…. I thought the story had always been that Daddy grew his mustache AFTER Pearl Harbor??? I see he has a pretty good one in your third slide. Awesome research…. this is a wonderful part of Daddy’s life I wish we had talked to him about… at least ONCE??


  2. Wanda
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 15:12:20

    Great work! I remember Grandma telling me about the trip she took across country to see Poppo. She said there was a young mother on the trip also and ran out of diapers at some point. Grandma said when they made their next stop she (Grandma) wouldn’t allow the driver to leave the stop until they woke the shopkeeper. The young mother was able to get fresh diapers (though it was the middle of the night)…

    Not sure why I have always remembered that story, but the story of her traveling to see Poppo always fascinated me.


  3. John
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 10:06:59

    I think slide 23 shows how young he was. For some reason I can picture him as the kid he was then better than I normally can.


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